Hi! This site is just a draft version of my blog — you can find the real one over at VincentTunru.com.

About me

This website is my outlet for things that interest me in my professional life and are thus not always fun to talk about on parties. At least, not the kind of parties people come to have fun.

So what does my professional life entail? I am probably best described by the term front-end developer. My main interest is in programming, and especially creating beautiful things that work well. I am constantly on the lookout for new paradigms, programming languages and frameworks that might broaden my view and influence the way I program.

Other than that, I'm also fond of User Experience design. I highly value getting to know users and learning what they want, performing experiments and devising creative solutions to craft a more enjoyable and elegant experience.

Now and then, I also like to read and think about how best to run an organisation.

I started this blog for several reasons. The first is that I was able to obtain such a large part of my knowledge from blogs like this, that I felt compelled to give something back. The second is that writing down my thoughts and trying to explain concepts to others helps me understand them myself. And finally, I sometimes create little side projects, and need a place to share them.

If you want to contact me, I'm reachable by email at blog@vincenttunru.com.

What I'm learning

Since this blog is mostly about learning things, I thought it'd be fun to document the journey I've made, and where that journey is currently headed. Thus, I've listed the techniques and technology that interest me.

Currently exploring

  • Explicit types (TypeScript)
  • Continuous Delivery (GitLab CI)
  • Vim
  • Serverless applications (AWS lambda)
  • Declarative infrastructure (TerraForm)
  • Running a startup

Have been learning

  • Polymer
  • Reactive programming (RxJS, Cycle.js)
  • Usability testing
  • The benefits of pure functions (React, Redux)
  • Build systems (Grunt, Webpack)
  • Maintainable CSS (Stylus, Sass, PostCSS)
  • GUI Testing (Protractor/Webdriver)
  • Unit testing (Jasmine, Jest, Tape, Mocha)
  • Single-page applications (Angular.js)
  • Node
  • Programming (Javascript, R, Java, PHP, ...)
  • Decentralised version control (Git)

Want to learn

I'm planning to pick them up somewhat in this order.

  • Functional programming (Elm)
  • Making data visualisations (D3)
  • Stacks and heaps, systems programming (Rust)
  • Proper type systems (Haskell)